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Design Specifications

Chelsea's creations are unique and personal to you. No two items are exactly alike. Due to this individual nature of her crocheted items, it is best to speak to Chelsea to discuss your requirements; hence there is no standard ordering form.

Any item can be made in any size and colour(s) you wish. For example, hat designs can be made in child or adult sizes. When ordering, please specify the size needed by having ready the head circumference measurement. If this is not possible, please specify the age of the child, or whether the item is for a female or male adult.

Some items may incur an additional fee, depending on the size requested. For example, adult sized winter scarves will normally be approximately 2.5 feet in length. If you wish an extra long size, there will be an additional charge for time and materials.

If you don't see something on the site that you would like to have, please get in touch with Chelsea to discuss your wishes. She is very good at turning ideas into creative and fabulous reality.

Payment Methods and Posting Info

Items can be paid for via Paypal or bank transfer. Please contact Chelsea for details. Once an order is agreed upon, payment will be required in full.

Posting costs will vary depending on the weight, number of items, and your preferred posting method. In most instances, items will be posted within 14 working days of your order.

If requesting an item as a gift for a set deadline, please allow three weeks when ordering.